The Beauty of a Decorative Vase, Jar and Urns

Home decor ideas are easy to conjure if you’re in the business. If not, then you should read this blog.

decorative vase or jar can do a lot for an empty corner, table or counter top. You don’t even have to fill it with flowers, but should you choose to, you can take one of two routes. Real flowers are beautiful, can be switched when they die, and smell good. But they die – about every two weeks. And unless you’re really stoked about flowers and have a lot of money, chances are you won’t be able to keep your decorative vase full.

Fake flowers are just as beautiful, never need to be changed, but unfortunately don’t smell. Either way, you can likely convince visitors that you’re a horticulturist, knowledgeable in botany and other natural sciences.

Both types of flowers will add splashes of color to your room, and as the sun stretches over them, they will cast oblong shadows with furry edges that give depth and space to an area. Early morning sun will hit your flowers and you will feel their vibrancy, refreshment, and life. They will lean and stretch in your decorative vase, sticking their tendrils out like feelers into the open air.  Like children you will tend, prune and fix them, and they will shudder graciously at your touch.