Ackos Diy Decorative have over 20 yrs experience supplying top quality proven decorative and industrial paints as well as high quality painting & decorating tools to both professional contractors and the retail sector of the painting and decorating trade.

We carry a wide range of professional high quality decorating tools and paints at very low cost trade prices.

Ackos Diy is our new direct secure on-line website showing only a small selection of our products.
We have links to many companies and suppliers so that we can offer a vast range of products
We are updating and adding more and more products to our website daily.

We can supply many items for the painting and decorating trade and many of our products can be supplied in bulk for even greater savings

For more details or any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

For free decorating advise contact us at.
[email protected]

It is our aim to offer the same level of first class and free advice service which have helped our customers over the last few years.